Rates & Fees

Transparent Pricing

I understand that many clients are wary of excessive costs and hidden fees. For that reason, I always propose legal fees, and all fees are agreed upon in writing before providing any services. I offer flat fees whenever possible. Below are typical fees for various matters. Please note that matters vary widely and fees will vary depending on scope of representation. Some clients require multiple services to resolve issues.

Select service below for typical fee.
Audit Representation

Billed Hourly at $450

Cryptocurrency Compliance and Audit

Investigation, Assessment and Consultation - $2000. 

Cryptocurrency Accounting by Retained CPA - $300/hr. 

Appeals, US Tax Court and Tax Refund Suits

Available fee structures vary widely based on complexity and scope of issues. Contingency fees, flat fees, and hourly rate are all possible. Please call for free consultation to evaluate litigation and potential fee structures.

Collection Defense - Includes consultation, evaluation, and representation

Flat fees are almost always preferred for collection defense services.  Fees tend to increase when IRS or other agency has assigned a specific agent for collection. These cases are more complex and take longer to resolve.

Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible, Penalty Abatement, Lien Release – $3,000

Lien Subordination, Offer in Compromise – $5,000

Innocent Spouse – $2,000 and up

Non-Filers - Taxpayers that have not filed past returns and may have balances

Bringing a non-filer into compliance has three steps.  Flat fees are generally preferred for resolving these issues.  A basic case would be an individual salary earner that has not filed returns for a number of years.

Investigation of tax history, obtaining IRS transcripts, detailed client memo – $1,000 – $2,500

Individual Tax Returns – $1000 and up/return each year.  Discounts for 4 or more years.

Collection Defense – $2000 and up

Foreign Asset and Account Compliance Issues

Foreign income and account disclosure representation is typically on a flat fee basis.  Representation includes preparing all tax returns and other necessary filings and all associated research and representation.

Streamlined Offshore Voluntary Disclosures – $9,000 for straightforward cases (includes all preparation, research & representation)

Phone Consultation – Free

In-Person Consultation (two hours), account review and disclosure programs explained – $900

Low Income Taxpayers

Low-Income Tax Clinics – Low-income individuals may qualify for free help at a local low income tax clinic.  Contact your local bar association for more information.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Trust fund recovery penalties can be open-ended.  Flat fees may be available depending on circumstances, however, hourly fee arrangement is typical.   Please call for free consultation.

Hourly Rate – $450