Installment Agreements – Offer in Compromise

LOAK Tax represents clients that owe the Internal Revenue Service or other tax agency large balances. These agencies aggressively collect back taxes from taxpayers including filing public liens against or levying a taxpayer’s assets. LOAK Tax defends taxpayers against aggresive collection practices and places taxpayers on a path to resolution. Each taxpayer’s circumstance differs. Taxpayers with balances may have public liens recorded or their accounts or assets seized. LOAK Tax represents and advises taxpayers on collection alternatives. LOAK Tax representation includes:

  • Evaluate Tax Liability and Determine Legal Collection Period
  • Collection Alternatives – Installment agreement, Offer in Compromise, Currently Not Collectible Status, Bankruptcy
  • Lien Subordination, Release, Withdrawal
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Collection Due Process Hearing